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This week we look forward to the regular Thursday Try out night, with a mixture of 14 new and established acts trying out new material; this week hosted by Ria Lina.

Then on Saturday we have a lovely varied bill featuring Gareth Richards, Javier Jarquin, Debra-Jane Appleby, Gerry Howell, Anthony King and the lovely Rich Wilson at the helm. I'd suggest reserving tickets - Saturdays continue to sell out.

And Sunday shows return this week (7th) with John Hastings, Andrea Hubert, Hjalmar Tjan, Jethro Bradley, Laurence Tuck and Howard Smith AND it's only £7 in!

And a date for your diary; Tuesday 16th Sep sees the inaugural GROWN UP COMEDY CLUB with a super line up of Bennett Arron, JoJo Smith, Steve Best and Simon Lipson. Details at www.grownupcomedy.uk

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This Saturday

Who's on This Saturday & Sunday

Saturday 6th

Gareth Richards

Javier Jarquin

Debra Jane Appleby

Anthony King

Gerry Howell

Rich Wilson (MC)

Sunday September 7th.

John Hastings

Andrea Hubert

Laurence Tuck

Jethro Bradley

Hjalmar Tjan

Howard Smith (MC)

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