Nick Revell


"Master satirist” Time Out 2012

"The wonderful Nick Revell...A brilliant observer of contemporary idiocies....a shrewd commentator on society and the political scene....Having begun his career not long after alternative comedy’s equivalent of the year’d forgive Nick Revell if these days he chose to put his feet up of an evening. Instead, he maintains a gigging schedule that would shatter many fresher-faced acts...While he’s got access to a vein of intoxicating anger, he’s also a comedian who can transmit a huge amount of real human warmth. Expect to be seduced by a genuine craftsman”. Guardian 2009

"A master craftsman” Time Out 2003

" of the most creative and incisive comics on the circuit" Guardian

"Revell’s pedigree goes back to the Eighties, but his patter is as relevant today as it ever was” London Evening Standard

"He is an animated, engaging raconteur offering a master-class in delivery with variety in pace, volume and rhythm that keeps an already attentive audience transfixed” Chortle

"Satirically brilliant. Travels miles to see him.” Guardian

"Easy delivery and a great stage presence” Times

"Scalpel-sharp satirist" London Evening Standard

"If you were looking to set a gold standard of comic delivery, Nick Revell would be a good place to start. His varying rhythms, pace, emphasis and ability to drop into any number of accents to enliven his routines set him aside as an excellent storyteller...impressive ambitious, and peerlessly told, set." Chortle
"fiercely funny...insightful, incandescent." Herald
"Revell makes you laugh and think; a rare and cherishable combination these days" Scotsman

"Nick Revell is an excellent stand-up act that distinguishes itself by sharp observation and intelligence." Independent

"Brilliantly satirical” Time Out, 1987 "Unfunny" Time Out, 1983
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