David Whitney


But whoever the ‘real’ David Whitney is, one thing is certain: that he’s got a well-defined sense of comedy which – when delivered with the impassioned hard sell he gives to all his routine – guarantees laughs. Chortle

the silver-tongued warrior The Spectator
I call Whitney ‘The Wit’. You can’t stop him; you can only hope to contain him. Reginald D. Hunter
" the comedian finds a third gear, and then a fourth and then we're flying, with dick jokes being liberally tossed at the audience and vajazzle quips tripping off the tongue. They're good, too. David Whitney doesn't do bog-standard knob jokes. His are so good, you'd tell them to your own mother". Broadway Baby "Complete with a barrel-load of gags... Whitney is a pleasure to watch" ED uncovered "flashes of inspiration...thundering through for the next gag, he is very professional"
The Herald "keeps the audience within striking distance with his witty off-hand observations and exaggerated bravado. It may not be revolutionary, nor give you a radical position to consider, but you could really do a lot worse than an hour of enjoyably humorous company with this amiable and honest pro." Three weeks
On twitter at @dwhitters