Damian Kingsley


Hello. I'm Damian. I've been a stand-up comic in the UK since september 2009 (Although I did do a gig or two in Tokyo, when I lived over there teaching English.

I'm quite dry and cynical with a little bit of a cheeky side thrown in. I tell stories about everyday life interspersed with jokes, observations and audience interaction.

I've been in a few finals of competitions, both big national comps and some smaller, regional ones.

Broadway Baby Review of Damian Kingsley: Work-in-Progress Edinburgh Fringe 2012

“Openly admitting his show was a ‘work in progress’ and should not be judged on the quality of all of the material, there seemed no need for excuses as Damian Kingsley ushered us all into a cosy backroom of the Espionage and made us roar with his witty sketches about life, love and general embarrassment.

Throwing in a few brilliant metaphors and mixing them through his intelligent comedy, Kingsley’s easy manner relaxed the audience into the friendly, comfortable atmosphere, helping everyone to enjoy themselves far more than they could have expected too. This particular audience heckled each other more than the comedian himself, testament to his genial personality which brought out the funny side in all of us. There was no fear of those embarrassing questions and cajoling that so many comedians favour as he spoke to us as friends and made us laugh out loud at his accurate descriptions of the traumas of buying drinks in clubs and the embarrassment of the men’s’ locker room.

Being such a versatile show no one, not even Kingsley, could promise the same for every performance but his witty embellishment on real life scenarios and his confidence in his material promises slick links and a packed and happy show regardless”.

Chortle 2012

"Three newer acts in the second section start strongly with the slick Damian Kingsley contributing to the cosmopolitan feel of the night having spent many years in Japan, though that experience comprises only a small part of his brief set.

Well-evoked anecdotal material drawn from his own embarrassments and inadequacies are the mainstay, delivered with a cadence similar to that of observational wunderkind Seann Walsh. The set’s powered by punchines, large and small, ensuring it’s keeps an entertaining pace, and he makes the audience feel for him in his red-faced encounters."
On twitter at @DamianKingsley