Jim Campbell


Jim Campbell is a London-based stand up comic and writer. He has written for Russell Howard's Good News and ESPN's Talk of the Terrace. His style is like this:
"Exquisitely written, punchline-driven material...delivered with an alluringly relaxed stance, this was quirky yet accessible stuff from a future star.” - Chortle.

2012 saw him bring his first full length show, 9-Year-Old Man, to the Edinburgh Festival. It was selected as one of the Top Ten shows of the festival in the Amused Moose Laughter Awards and garnered a 5 star review from Cream of the Fringe as well as 4 star reviews from Fest and The List:
"Campbell’s ability to juggle a plethora of comedy styles, each performed with consummate skill, and get them working harmoniously in a tightly arranged show sets him apart...Without a misstep, he creates a superb example of how to craft a technically accomplished, winningly performed piece of comedy. With great responsibility comes great power and his superpower is to make people laugh.” – The List ****