Tim Renkow


Jarred Christmas : "Tim, you kill every time I see you.”:

Henning When: "Brilliant”

Rich Fulcher: "That was a great set”

Spencer Hayes(Golden Jester, Promoter) "You are my new comedy idol.”

At the top of the hour we get a support act, Tim Renkow, who hits us with a chunk of Shakespeare before getting into some seriously snappy, creative stuff about supervillains, reincarnation and ET. You will never hear the words "ET phone home” again without sniggering. His parting shot about "following” him is a brilliant kicker to an impressive set.
--Kate Copstick (The Scotsman)

"Tim Renkow is typical of the Absolutely Funny People ethos.…A dark storyteller; Tim ruminates on suicide, alcoholism, the threat of violence, american extremes and fetishism. Tonight Huw gave me a new word; pharyngeal - to do with the throat. And paraphilia. Look it up. Tim is the night's first gag smith. It’s amazing how the darkness makes you laugh.”—Richard Downes http://disabilityartsonline.org/?location_id=1756

There was plenty of talent on display with Tim Renkow (a comic who suffers from cerebral palsy) pretty much stealing the show.
John Rushton
On twitter at @TimRenkowcomedy