Radu Isac


Radu Isac

"He nicely treads the line between weird and relatable. Nice work." - chortle


Radu Isac is known as a comedian’s comedian in Romania. He started stand-up comedy 9 years ago. In this time he managed to have a day job only for 7 months. That happened when he moved to Los Angeles to experience the trials and disappointments of a real American comedy career.

He’s biggest disappointment was having to continue on the long road of pursuing an international career. So far it has taken him to Los Angeles, New York, Washington, London, Edinburgh and Sofia.

For now he lives in London full-time.


Won London Comedy Store King Gong show, The Comedy Cafe's New Act Night and Up The Creek's Blackout Gong.

Playing regular at Top Secret Comedy Club, Crack Comedy Club and Comedy Cafe.

On twitter at @raduisac