Richard and Greta (Nina Conti / Shenoah Allen)



A sassy ass new comedy night featuring the best names in the game and hosted by the alter egos of Nina Conti and Shenoah Allen, Richard and Greta'  

Richard (Shenoah Allen) loves Greta, all things artisan, medieval or druid like. He is openly bi-curious and a gorgeous poet. He would die for Greta.

Greta (Nina Conti) is a woman on a spiritual and sexual quest who loves amethyst necklaces, woodwind instruments and group sex. She is rad, earnest and fierce and would do anything for Richard. 

Together they invite you into a cozy and ridiculous night of comedy like no other. 

Richard and Greta are characters you fall in love with and their top secret comedy guests will be nothing short of the best in the biz.

Get to know Richard and Greta better before coming along by tuning into the Richard and Greta podcast:  and let them soothe you as a nice broth for your ears.