Monday 10 July

Doors: Doors 8pm 1st Show - 8.30pm 2nd Show 9.45pm

Tickets: £7/5 Available from

A chance to catch two full shows for less than the price of one before they go up to the Edinburgh Festival.  We aim to recreate the true Edinburgh experience – no audience, no pay for the acts, great fun!  We have an enviable record in predicting the big-hit shows before they win awards

Nick Helm  

Masterworks in Progress

After spending two years in the wilderness, international treasure Nick Helm (Dave's Best Joke 2011) crawls his way back from the depths of hell to find the world he once loved has turned to piss and shit. Returning to Edinburgh armed with nothing but a heart full of hope and a work-in-progress show, Helm must now topple all the false idols and charlatans from their festering perches to teach the world once more how not to be a total f*cking c*nt. He is your saviour. Act grateful.

'Genuinely exciting' ***** (Telegraph).

'Unique comedy' (Guardian).

Andrea Hubert

The N Word


Andrea never said that stranger could sniff her hair during a hug. In fact, Andrea never said she was happy to be involved in the hug itself. But it's really hard to say no. Especially if you're polite, or always have your mouth full of beef jerky. Join the woman who brought the idea of "a superhero who can suck out diseases - genitally" to the masses as she talks modern day consent, what she will and won't say during dirty talk, and which massage place in East London once went a bit too far.



Nick Helm , Andrea Hubert