Lenny Sherman


Lenny has been doing stand up all over the country since September 2010. He is often found on stage at Up The Creek, Jongleurs and Monkey Business, and many more 

Lenny is down to earth and loveable with a working class, cockney style ‘geezer’ persona. He has a technical and tight style and clever twists and turns ensure the crowd enjoys his material. He regularly participates in an improv group run by David Shore from Chicago’s Second City and likes to involve this element in his shows. 

Debuting at Up the Creek, he was invited back 2 days later to perform at the Best of Newcomers night. 

He has also won 6 mini comedy competitions and in May 2012 Lenny was named runner up in the national Comic Idol competition, run by Jongleurs and The Sun. 

Lenny has been featured in Loaded magazine and on The Sun’s website for his comedy antics.


On twitter at @glenlensherman