Monday 05 June

Doors: Doors 8pm 1st Show - 8.30pm 2nd Show 9.45pm

Tickets: £7/5 Available from

A chance to catch two full shows for less than the price of one before they go up to the Edinburgh Festival.  We aim to recreate the true Edinburgh experience – no audience, no pay for the acts, great fun!  We have an enviable record in predicting the big-hit shows before they win awards

Nick Revell vs Lily, Evil Cat Queen of Earth Planet & The Laughing Fridge

Nanotechnology turned his dream of a talking cat into nightmare; she threatens to conquer the world through social media, cuteness and a horde of zombie rodents!

Comedian Nick Revell brings his new surreal story-telling show to The King’s Head. When the machines become super-intelligent, what will be the point of humans? Are we inventing ourselves into extinction?

"Comedy as genius. A true master-class! A well-deserved five stars!” Mumble

"if you are looking for some first-class, experienced satire, this is your show” **** Broadway Baby

"…an expert in delivering thought-provoking, political satire, combined with a strong

delivery and great stage presence… razor-sharp wit …There are no cheap laughs here, but if you like your comedians to say something worth saying, Nick Revell is for you.” EdFestMag ****

"consistently excellent” Guardian 

Peter Brush

The Worm That Lived Forever


Comedy’s Peter Brush presents a story about trying to contact the dead, the dog they sent into space, the folk singer that sent him on (yet another) existential crisis, and how he might achieve immortality.

'Compellingly hilarious... an original and achingly funny voice' ****1/2 - Chortle

'An hour of killer gags, tripping from his mind one after another with no let up in quality'  - Fest

‘unique observations and connections that stand-ups crave’ – The Guardian

Tour support – Justin Moorhouse, Stephen K Amos

Writer – BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, The Show What You Wrote.




Nick Revell , Peter Brush